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The core team

Peter Gfeller


Ute Born

Communikation & Design

Susanne Gfeller


Xpanis AG


Our ethics

We are an innovative company providing remote access management solutions.

Our strengths lie in our flexibility and our knowledge of quality, methodology, technology and business thinking. All these things characterize our customer-oriented solutions and services.


Partnerships and Networks are important to us!

Trust is fundamental when developing a high performance product. With this as our basis we have collaborated successfully with many well-known companies. As all of these are highly professional and enthusiastic about their work, we now have access to a wide network of motivated specialist, which we can turn to, depending on the situation. This is beneficial for everyone.


A company is only as strong as its employees!

And because of this Gfeller Informatik values both the technical competence and the social competence of each employee.

Our customers appreciate quality and dependability

We live ISO-9001 management systems daily. It serves as our guideline for our work and ensures the long-term traceability, continuity and maintainability of all our solutions.


IQ Certificate ISO 9001:2008 Management System

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IQ Certificate ISO 9001:2008 Management System

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